Uppermost Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. was

established in late 1980 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

With a paid up capital of more than 181 million

NT Dollar and work force of 180 people, UEI

geared up and pressed local demand and supply

of the electronic components in this field. Thank to all the efforts of UEI’s employee,

UEI is now serving no only the local but also overseas customers.In order to provide better service and more products, UEI has been transferred to BrightKing since January, 2017.

    Since UEI was founded, we have developed Thermistor and Varistor Series Products to assure the quality of products is better than others.

Main Products:
NTC PTC Thermistor

    In order to meet your need and convenience. UEI was approved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and would like to provide the best service as usual.
     We appreciate if you could give us advices and encouragements.

Environment Policy

     Our commitment of perpetual management by build up the safety, hygiene, environmental protect, We pay full attention on economic development and environmental protection, to pursue more exquisite life, we need economic development and in order to keep the cleanness of our land to our children, we need to well arranged controlling and managing the result after use of waste water, waste air, waste material and chemicals, realize protect and share of limited natural resources, impetus any action, persuasion, practicable and any action which have connection with the green environmental to contribute the environmental protection, carry out the basic duty as cosmopolitan, and stand on the below promise which also the highest policy regarding to company policy in environmental management:

1. Reduce any matter that may assault environment while producing.
2. Ensure the environment quality by obey related regulation and
3. Carry out the action of recycle and training to increase the
    conscious of using the natural resources.
4. Promise in improving the environmental management and against the
5. Keep on practicable regarding to staff training and management of
    safety on work.


1980 - Company established.
1990 - VARISTOR approved by CSA, NO:LR 90500-1. - VARISTOR approved
           UL, No. E105157(S).
1992 - NTC Thermistors SP Series approved by CSA, NO:090500W0000.
1993 - NTC Thermistors SP Series approved by UL, NO:E133510(S). - VARISTOR
           approved by VDE NO:10108 UG. - NTC Thermistors SP Series approved by
           VDE No.:40013917.
1995 - SGS ISO 9002 approved, No.95/5777
1996 - Oakland Electronics Co. established.
2000 - VARISTOR Approval by UL 1414 No. E210093.
2002 - Approved by SGS ISO 9001:2000, No.: TW95/05777.
2004 - NTC Thermistors NT Series approved by UL & cUL, NO:E133510(S).
           VARISTOR approved by cUL, No. E105157(S).
2005 - 2005 ISO 14001 approved, No.: TW0500795EM and transfer into Data
           Systems ERP II.
2006 - The products has been completed go into the ROHS compliant
2010 - The products has been conducted into halogen free materials.
2012 - VARISTOR Z-TYPE new series product has passed UL 1449 TYPE 5 (3KA).